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    • 24,50 €

      The pine sprout flavored vodka of the famous Zubrowka. This vodka is showing a herbal profile with pine and herbs flavors, similar to mountains spirits such as Genepi, but still lighter and smoother. Some mint notes bring a nice freshness to the tasting.

      24,50 €
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    • 29,00 €

      Etalon Kedr is an original Russian vodka, infused with cedar and pine. Its profile is woody and herbal, lightly astringent.

      29,00 €
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    • 35,00 €

      This vodka is infused with pine sprouts and is part of the "4 Seasons" collection produced by Chopin distillery. A very fresh vodka, a bit herbal and minty. Its aromas remind those of a walk in forest during Spring and the back of the sun.

      35,00 €
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    Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items