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    • 31,00 €

      Zielona Natura is a micro-distillery brand, located in the Eastern Poland, close to the famous bisons forest, Bialowiega. The wild rose flavored vodka is made from the maceration of real rose petals giving an intense taste of rose, ideal for those who like spirits with a floral profile.

      31,00 €
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    • 23,00 €

      Saska is offering an orginal flavored range of vodkas. With 32% ABV, the wild roses flavored vodka is floral and as sweet as a dessert.

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    • 75,00 €

      An exceptional and unusual vodka of the family-runned dsitllery Chopin. Macerated with a mix of rose petals and herbs, its taste is surprising and will seduce those who like herbal and floral complex spirits.

      75,00 €
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    Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items