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    • 32,00 €
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      A craft rye vodka infused with fresh ginger and lemon. The "Petites Eaux" (literally "small water" : the translation of vodka) is the own production of Vodka Lab ! We chose to use only natural ingredients such as fruits, flowers, herbs or honey in a rye spirytus reduced to 65% ABV for the maceration. The ginger and lemon flavored vodka is 35%...

      32,00 €
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    • 34,00 €

      This vodka is made according to an ancient Polish recipe of maceration of ginger and honey. Its taste is both spiced and sweet thanks to honey.

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    • 42,00 €

      This collection of flavored vodkas comes from a micro-distillery from Eastern Poland. It is made according to local reicpes and savoir-faire. Contained in a very elegant traditional carafe, this vodka is an ideal present for collectors. The lemon, honey and ginger infused vodka is fresh, lightly sweet thanks to the honey, and a bit spicy and acid...

      42,00 €
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    Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items