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      The Grandes Eaux ("Great Water" in reference to the translation of vodka : Small water) collection comes from the legacy of Eastern Europe traditions. The Grande Eau "Samogon" is a blend of several distillates such as wheat, rye and malted barley. Its complex taste could make change the mind of those who think that vodka has no taste. It is the ideal...

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      Distilled on a wheat base, Piasecki comes from a small manufacture of "Thousand Lakes" area, in Masurie region in Poland. First of all, this family business was specialized in apiculture and then started to produce their own vodka. The nature version is classic but smooth.

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      An emblematic Polish vodka from the 20's-30's ! Its production dates back the 18th century in the city of Lvov, now in Ukraine. Distilled on a potato base, J.A Baczewski is a very smooth and refined vodka. It can both fit occasional consumption and the most initiated palates. It will be also a perfect and neutral base for sophisticated cocktails....

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      Cymes vodka, Kosher certified, is produced by the Polish Ashkénazi community. It is distilled on a base of qualitative potaoes. It expresses itself with an exceptional softness an roundness making this vodka the best ally for smoked salmons or herrings.

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      Bialy Bocian vodka is made in keeping with Extra Zytnia Vodka by the Polmos Bielsko Biala. With a more modern design and its elegant bottle neck reminding those of storks (Bialy Bocian means white stork), it is distilled from an excellent quality of rye and will please to those who like traditionnal vodkas with a rustic profile.

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      Masuria is a Polish vodka distilled from a wheat base. It comes from the "Thousand Lakes" region of Voïvodie area of Warmie-Mazurie. It is a classic vodka, ideal for each type of consumption.

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    • 25,50 €

      A rye vodka very popular in the 50's-60's in Poland, it is associated with nostalgy to the Communism period. A safe bet for those who like dry vodkas.

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    • 35,00 €

      Oginski Organic vodka is produced from the best oragnic certified rye from the South of Poland. All the process includes natural ingredients : the fermentation yeasts, the fertilizer for the rye culture... It is reduced with a spring water from the Mountains region of Bezkides.

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      The Dorda family is running the Chopin distillery in Podlasie region of Poland. All their vodka are produced with local raw materials. The rye vodka is the one with the most rustic and dry taste with intense cereals notes, almost spicy. Ideal on caviar and seafood.

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    • 49,00 €

      To consume while respecting the environment is the approach of Philtre vodka, created in Guéthary town South-West France by Beigbeder brothers and their friend Guillaume. Distilled from Organic certified wheat, it is bottled in a very nice recycled glass bottle. Each bottle is unique, with shades from turquoise to emerald colors.

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    • 39,00 €

      This rye vodka is typical from the Polish savoir-faire and will seduce every connoisseurs who like dry and rustic tastes. Thanks to a long rest in tanks, ethanol and water are perfeclty blending for a smooth tasting.

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    Showing 1 - 15 of 138 items