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      An original vodka based drink, 21% ABV with a profile reminding wines. This one is pear-flavored. Its name is related to Lviv, the city in Ukraine where it is produced.

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    • 39,50 €

      The famous Ukrainian vodka Nemiroff is produced since the 18th century in Nemyriv town, Western Ukraine. The pear-flavored version expresses its fruitness and sweetness chilled.

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    • 69,00 €

      Winiak is a type of vodka coming from the period of Napoleon, when the close relationship between France and Poland allowed Polish to distill grapes. Grusznik Na Winiaku is a vodka distilled from grapes and aged in oak cask with pears added in it, to bring a fruity and sweet profile to the product.

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    Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items