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Dégustation "CUL SEC" avec MORGAN VS et JOSE GARCIA



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    • 32,00 €
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      A craft rye vodka infused with hazelnuts. The "Petites Eaux" (literally "small water" : the translation of vodka) is the own production of Vodka Lab ! We chose to use only natural ingredients such as fruits, flowers, herbs or honey in a rye spirytus reduced to 65% ABV for the maceration. The hazelnut flavored vodka is 35% ABV, perfect to be...

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    • 23,00 €
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      Produced according to a pre-war recipe, the Ovovit is a Polish variation of the famous Dutch Advocaat. This liquor is prepared with a base of milk, vanilla, eggs and vodka of course. Its taste reminds the one of custard, so it is the best ally to fruits salads, brownies, pancakes... Awarded by a double Gold Medal in the World Spirits Awards of 2014....

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    • 59,00 €

      Bimber Vodka is a craft vodka produced in a micro-distillery from Eastern Poland. Distilled from the best rye of the region, the distillate is then aged in oak casks with a tiny add of lime-tree honey. This preparation comes from an ancient Polish tradition consisting to bury a cask full of vodka to celebrate a birth and to unearth it for the child's...

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    • 329,00 €

      The rarest vodka of the shop ! Chopin Longjing is the result of a collaboration between the famous distillery Chopin and a Chinese Longjing tea producer. It is the unique vodka distilled exclusively from green tea !

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    • 90,00 €

      Okowita is a rare and exceptional spirit, it is the unique vodka distilled exclusively on a honey base. 4 litres of honey are necessary to make only one bottle. If you have the chance to taste this vodka, you will remember this experience.

      90,00 €
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    Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items