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      Bairille is an original spirit, distilled on a wheat and honey base by Piasecki family, in "Thousand Lakes" area of Masurie region in Poland. Bairille is an aged vodka : it spent 3 years in oak Polish casks to bring a woody profile and more complexity to this excellent blend. Ideal for those who like whiskies and rums.

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      Bairille Apple is original because of its base which is green apple. The distillation is following the usual process for vodka but the final product shows light apple notes. The vodka is kept for 6 months in an oak cask before bottling which is complexifying the vodka with some woody notes.

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      Slivovitz is a traditional spirit from Eastern Europe, distilled from Damson plums. Historically, you can find a bottle of Slivovitz on a table in every wedding in Eastern Europe. The Passover Slivovitz is Kosher certified. The distillate is kept for 2 years in oak casks, softening the alcoholic sensation of the 70% ABV and bringing nice woody notes.

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    Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items