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    • 42,00 €

      Samogon from Podlasie is distilled on a rye and malted barley base, then some burnt sugar is added to soften the 52% ABV. This blend is then aged in smoked oak casks. Usually, you must find a Samogon bootle on the table in each Eastern countries weddings. Traditionally enjoyed as an after-dinner, or in pairing with cooked meats, this alcohol will surprise...

      42,00 €
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    • 140,00 €

      The word "Samogon" in Polish (or амого́н in Russian) is used to name a craft-distilled vodka and is translated by "homemade product". It is an exceptional and authentic spirit : its taste and flavors can not be compared to other types of vodka. Samogon could be an entire category of spirit.

      140,00 €
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    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items