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      A craft rye vodka infused with torrefied coffee. The "Petites Eaux" (literally "small water" : the translation of vodka) is the own production of Vodka Lab ! We chose to use only natural ingredients such as fruits, flowers, herbs or honey in a rye spirytus reduced to 65% ABV for the maceration. The torrefied coffee flavored vodka is 35% ABV,...

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      The Grandes Eaux ("Great Water" in reference to the translation of vodka : Small water) collection comes from the legacy of Eastern Europe traditions. The Grande Eau "Traditional" is the first of the range. Distilled from wheat, it is kept in oak cask for few weeks, which is an old-days tradition. This process is bringing an exceptional roundness and...

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      A Russian vodka distilled from grains. Its name means "white birch" and is refering to the tradition of adding birch sap before the distillation. This process is bringing an extra taste and depth to the vodka. The gold edition is finer than the classic one thanks to a more complex distillation.

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      Bimber Vodka is a craft vodka produced in a micro-distillery from Eastern Poland. Distilled from the best rye of the region, a long period of rest is bringing to the final product a very delicate taste. It is one of the best and more authentic vodkas. To drink at room-temperature for an optimal tasting.

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      Green Mark is one of the most consumed vodka in Russia. Made from wheat, it is light and perfumed. Its name "Green Mark" pays tribute to an ancient label of the 20's in Russia : it was a quality guarantee for vodka.

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      Produced in the Siberian distillery Mariinsk, Beluga is twice distilled on a wheat base and thanks to a complex process, it is known as one of the smoothest Russian Vodka.

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      This edition of Bialy Bocian (the white stork in Polish) is flavored with blackcurrrant. Its delicacy and its sweet taste will seduce a large public, espacially those who do not like strong alcohols.

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      Made from rye and macerated fresh fruits, Beskidzka Karafka is a speciality of Beskides mountains chain region, at the border of Poland and Slovakia. It is reduced with a spring water of the local mountains. This edition is flavored with plums and is lower in ABV (24%) than the usual vodka : it will seduce those who like sweetness and low-strength spirits.

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    Showing 46 - 60 of 361 items